Letting go of E-mail (We know you loved it, but it’s almost time)

Dec 07, 2011

I read the article  “Should Workplaces Curtail E-Mail?” and thought I’d share it with you.

It’s a thought provoking read about the issue of e-mail overload and how it affects our productivity. If you work in or run a business full of people that are wasting too much time on e-mail — it’s worth having some real-time conversations about this issue. Real-time communication options like IM, Video, Texting (and telephone “old-school”) have many advantages over e-mail for communicating with each other.

It’s time for us to start letting go of e-mail, it was just a stepping-stone to something else — Just like the 8 track, the cassette tape, the CD. They’ve all had their glory days.

Many e-mails go unanswered and responded to — and it looks like social and real-time communications like phone calls, IM, Skype, and texting are just about ready to take over the reigns as the new best way to communicate.

I won’t be sad to see e-mail go away. Add up how much time you spend every morning deleting e-mail and figure out how many days a year you spend just doing that — it’s a bit of a shock.

However, before all this goes down — we need a good solution for accessing old conversations and information.

How about contextual keyword searchable video, IM, texts all in one spot? Goolge vs. Facebook? As the guys at ESPN would say “c’mon man” lets get that one done and we can get rid of e-mail as a medium for communicating.

Just to be clear: I don’t think e-mail will just disappear, just like snail mail hasn’t gone away, it will just be used for documenting things (such as confirmation of travel or receipts for online shopping) until a better solution for documenting and archiving real-time communications is invented.

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