How to Get More Twitter Followers

Nov 13, 2014

If you want to increase your Twitter following and social influence, try adding these activities to your daily tasks and within a short time you will be influencing more people on Twitter than you imagined possible.

This can all be completed in less than 10 minutes a day.

Here’s where to start:

  1. Sign up, choose your name, add photo, bio, link to website (one time thing)
  2. Create a hashtag for your organization –  #mycompany #myproduct #somethingwackyorfun or #socialmedia #popculture or any topic that you want to get followed for (in this case – the products you sell could be a good starting point). You can use this on every post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (at the end as pard of your standard signature
  3. Create a list of topics and things you will tweet about (one time)
  4. Ask everyone you know to follow your twitter and instagram handles (even better if they are the same for brand consistency)
  5. Follow 50 new people everyday (7×50= 350 following per week). By the end of 12 weeks you should have followed 2800 people – You could have as many as 1000 followers if we follow these steps. Our goal is to get you to have as many followers as you are following to achieve a good balance. If you are following 5000 and only 10 people are following you back you’ll look like a spammer.
    In order to get there faster, you will likely have to unfollow non-followers. A note of caution: I’ve heard this technique called “pump and dump”, it can work, just realize that it takes time to build an active twitter following. The reality of twitter is – is the more engaged you are in conversations with real Twitter users – the more authentic your community will end up being, and the more influential your handle will be. Retweeting, mentioning others positively, using #hashtags, and @messaging other twitter users are the best methods of having authentic interactions. Additionally if you find you are following too many people compared to the number following you back, you can try a service like to unfollow those users who didn’t follow you back.
  6. Search Industries, media, topics you are interested in working for, with or learning about – this includes: IT, Technology, Software, or any other passions (hobbies like music, travel, cooking, etc)
  7. Create lists of people you want to interact with (industry leaders, speakers, experts, influencers, cool people, etc.)
  8. Interact with 3 people on Twitter you don’t know everyday by starting a conversation with an @reply
  9. Retweet 3 messages you think are interesting
  10. Respond to relevant messages and or @replies
  11. Send out daily tip with link to your blog.
  12. Once a week – you can un-follow the non-followers either manually or using a tool like
  13. Tweet photos – photos are much more likely to get interaction, retweets, favorites than posts without images.
  14. Tweet videos – ditto.
  15. Find someone you like with a lot of followers – follow all their followers. Those people have already self selected to follow them – so a greater percentage will follow back.
  16. Follow people who are speaking at conferences (this is a great way to connect with influencers).
  17. Sign up for – so you can schedule tweets over a period of time.
  18. Use the Echo Chamber email to be the base of your posting on Twitter – and other social platforms like Linkedin, Google+ and Facebook.
  19. Once you have 1000 followers – let’s revisit your strategy

*Interacting with people that have large followings could be a great way to gain more exposure.

If you do this consistently for 3 months straight and I guarantee you will discover an opportunity or connection you wouldn’t have without using twitter. This includes influencers at current customers or potential customers and can help us deepen the relationships and increase their perception of you as thought leaders.

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