Effective Business Podcasting

Mar 28, 2010

Customers who come to a business site typically know exactly what they are looking for. They want to find the quickest answer to a question or solutions to a problem. A person visiting a business site has a need or a problem to address.

When it comes to podcasting for business, the customer is a business, not an individual consumer. The following tips will help you to launch a successful business podcast that grabs your customers’ attention.

  1. Stick to the point — Keep messaging short and to the point. Also, provide enough information to educate and inform the audience.
  2. Avoid fluff — Podcasts should be entertaining enough to keep audience attention, but not to the extent that it digresses from the topic at hand. Use a variety of formats for each podcast — interview, panel discussion, news anchor — to keep them from becoming stale.
  3. Be entertaining, energetic and informative — If the content has merit, then the podcast will not need flashy elements such as background music or sound effects to get the message across. That said, even compelling content, if delivered expressionless, in a monotonous voice can turn audiences off. Use musical intros and outros (exits) to create a natural segue to the narrative.
  4. Be Authentic — use your real voice and discuss the topics openly like you would with a close business associate.
  5. Don’t advertise or sell — Nobody wants to subscribe to or download a commercial. You can brand your product, service or company by being the provider of useful information.
  6. Build community and integrate into the blogosphere — Just as the other social network media create communities and build bridges, so can a podcast. Invite communities to participate in a dialog on an issue or topic of interest. Take advantage of social network’s tendency to rally voices (in favor and opposed to) around a particular interest.
  7. Be considerate of listeners’ time — Podcasts shouldn’t exceed 30 minutes. If you’ve got more material, consider breaking it into smaller sections and you’ll end up with more content to promote. With a business podcast, you’re asking your customers to give their attention to your organization’s content. Make sure you fill the time with something useful enough to make the exchange worthwhile.

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