11 Actions for Social Selling

Nov 10, 2014

For anyone in sales today, social media is a great way to amplify your prospecting and relationship building efforts.

Two of most obvious channels for business and sales people are LinkedIn and Twitter, however there are many social media channels you can leverage to give you a better chance of getting them to respond to you than email blasts and phone calls on their own.

  1. Prepare. Before customer meetings make sure to follow all of the people who are attending a meeting. This way they will have the opportunity to know your name and face (post a good picture of yourself) before you actually meet them in real life.
  2. Research. Make sure you’ve read their social profiles. It’s an excellent place to find areas where you have common ground – like you attended the same university, or lived in the same city, etc.
  3. Follow Up. After meeting is a much better and safer time to ask for a connection on LinkedIn (provided your meeting went well enough). Think of it as your very own social nurturing campaign for your prospects.
  4. Nurture. Even if you don’t sell anything to a prospect – make sure to keep in touch with them by sharing RELEVANT content on a regular schedule. If you do this correctly – they’ll think of you when someone asks them if they know anybody who does “Whatever it is you do/sell”.
  5. Be interested your prospects. Follow them on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+(following is an expected behavior on these networks and doesn’t require reciprocation). Subscribe to their blogs, newsletters.
  6. Be interesting. Don’t just post about yourself or how much everyone loves you. Have an opinion about the industry or product category you specialize in.
  7. Interact.Make sure to comment and add value to conversations you are joining. Don’t just show up and post links to your products.
  8. Give. Help everyone. Being helpful is one of the best ways to develop social influence and credibility. Help them connect with others. Leaving a thoughtful comment on a blog or post is a great way to build trust and show your willingness to help.
  9. Start conversations. Ask relevant questions. Answer questions on blogs, forums. Ask people who they know and what they care about. Ask what they need help with.
  10. Be transparent. Be clear about why you are on a forum, blog and what your purpose or intention is. Avoid being that creepy person.
  11. Make Lists. Lists of prospects, people you know who are influencers, ideas, to do lists, cool things and share with the right people.

I’d love to hear feedback on whether anyone has generated a lead, scheduled a meeting or closed a deal that was started by a conversation through social channels. Good hunting!

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