Letting go of E-mail (We know you loved it, but it’s almost time)

I read the article  “Should Workplaces Curtail E-Mail?” and thought I’d share it with you.

It’s a thought provoking read about the issue of e-mail overload and how it affects our productivity. If you work in or run a business full of people that are wasting too much time on e-mail — it’s worth having some real-time conversations about this issue. Real-time communication options like IM, Video, Texting (and telephone “old-school”) have many advantages over e-mail for communicating with each other.

It’s time for us to start letting go of e-mail, it was just a stepping-stone to something else — Just like the 8 track, the cassette tape, the CD. They’ve all had their glory days.

Many e-mails go unanswered and responded to — and it looks like social and real-time communications like phone calls, IM, Skype, and texting are just about ready to take over the reigns as the new best way to communicate.

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Twitter +Tweetdeck the Rapture and IOS 5

Way back in 2009 I wrote an article about Twitter Dashboards. I had been wanting to write an update to it for some time now, so even though this rambling doesn’t talk only about dashboards — let’s consider this the follow up to that article.

There have been so many developments since then.

Did Twitter’s Acquisition of Tweetdeck deliver a deathblow for other established dashboards like SeesmicHootsuite or newcomers like Ashton Kutcher’s A.plus? We’ll see… Tweetdeck is still my favorite dashboard. I can’t wait to see what the folks at Twitter do with it — and how the others try to adjust to the new paradigm. Continue reading